Elizabeth Jacome 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

The process of creating art has the potential to be complex in its simplicity. The artisticprocess can at times be complex, or simple, and at times the process can be both. Art can function as a means to further explore aspects of the multifaceted nature of boththe creative process as well as the human experience.Continue reading “Elizabeth Jacome 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist”

Magic Beans, Mental Health, and Art…

For those of you like me, you need to have a creative outlet in order to feel like you have accomplished something. If you are like me, you are always imagining the “what if’s” in a situation, conjuring alternative scenarios for contemplation, conceiving innovative ideas on how to improve something, or wondering how to provideContinue reading “Magic Beans, Mental Health, and Art…”