Brianna Lamlin 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

With motherhood came the realization of how absolutely important it is to take a moment for oneself and take in the surroundings.  Within that breath comes the beauty of it all. The scents, the sounds, the scene, all coming together to weave a tapestry of peace in one moment. I love to photograph those momentsContinue reading “Brianna Lamlin 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist”


By: Janna Kulisz, 2nd Place Winner of the 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit I was searching for a gift and found it and more…  It started with a thought of what I might make to give someone. Just something small,  and I might make more than one if it worked out. I was in theContinue reading “IT’S MY JOURNEY “

Patti Rae Wellborn

Winner of Best In Show for the 2022 Juried Autumn Art Show My first memory of drawing was at the age the about three years old. I drew incessantly most of my life, mostly from my imagination or from life. When I was older I began to paint with oils my mother used to paintContinue reading “Patti Rae Wellborn”

2022 Juried Fall Art Exhibit Results

Artists came in from all over the great state of Texas to submit their pieces for the 2022 Juried Fall Art Exhibit. Nerves were on edge and some were actually questioning if their submission was good enough or not in order to place. A total of 16 entries made it into the exhibit and belowContinue reading “2022 Juried Fall Art Exhibit Results”