How I am finding my purpose….

I want to publicly give everyone an explanation as to what led me to create this business. Hopefully what you read will give some of you some sort of direction if you feel like you have been wandering and feeling lost. I know for awhile I definitely was feeling that way too, but I amContinue reading “How I am finding my purpose….”

Oct Featured Artist, Ethan Mertz

This upcoming featured artist is a bit out of the box this time and it is anything but flowers and portraits.  His name is Ethan Mertz and the opening of his exhibit is going to be Oct 15th from 6pm-8pm. I highly encourage you to attend and make sure to pick up your $1 offContinue reading “Oct Featured Artist, Ethan Mertz”

Jessica Moore – 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

Dare to dream is about seeing different perspectives in life, it can be the same picture, but everyone sees it differently. Dare to dream of the world you want, dare to change your perspective!! Free is very dear to my heart!! We all experience loss of our loved ones, but having faith is what alwaysContinue reading “Jessica Moore – 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist”

Elizabeth Jacome 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

The process of creating art has the potential to be complex in its simplicity. The artisticprocess can at times be complex, or simple, and at times the process can be both. Art can function as a means to further explore aspects of the multifaceted nature of boththe creative process as well as the human experience.Continue reading “Elizabeth Jacome 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist”

Kim Jackson 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

My sister Mary Beth Hensley and I started taking art lessons shortly after our mother died in 2014. We wanted something to do together to fill the hole our mother left. We both quickly fell in love with painting. We still meet with our group on Tuesdays to paint and learn together. My passion isContinue reading “Kim Jackson 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist”

Brianna Lamlin 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

With motherhood came the realization of how absolutely important it is to take a moment for oneself and take in the surroundings.  Within that breath comes the beauty of it all. The scents, the sounds, the scene, all coming together to weave a tapestry of peace in one moment. I love to photograph those momentsContinue reading “Brianna Lamlin 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist”


By: Janna Kulisz, 2nd Place Winner of the 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit I was searching for a gift and found it and more…  It started with a thought of what I might make to give someone. Just something small,  and I might make more than one if it worked out. I was in theContinue reading “IT’S MY JOURNEY “