Jessica Moore – 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

Dare to dream is about seeing different perspectives in life, it can be the same picture, but everyone sees it differently. Dare to dream of the world you want, dare to change your perspective!!

Free is very dear to my heart!! We all experience loss of our loved ones, but having faith is what always gets my heart through! This piece is dedicated to *superhero*Uncle Jimbo* Aunt Twyla and * Debbie

 It’s my way of having faith and letting go!

Over all my faith in God is what has moved me to start my journey with art on a new level. I truly hope my art brings joy and interests  anyone else just looking for Faith while we Live our lives in this big amazing world. Thank you so much for choosing my art to be in your exhibit. 🥰🤍

“Free,” By Jessica Moore
“Dare To Dream,” by Jessica Moore

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