Kim Jackson 2022 Juried Autumn Art Exhibit Finalist

My sister Mary Beth Hensley and I started taking art lessons shortly after our mother died in 2014. We wanted something to do together to fill the hole our mother left. We both quickly fell in love with painting. We still meet with our group on Tuesdays to paint and learn together. My passion is florals and landscapes. I love oils, like acrylics and have a love hate relationship with watercolor! I often get my ideas from a photo or another picture, but they quickly shape into what my mind thinks should be there. I love the freedom of painting what I feel and not just what I see. I am an accountant by day and painting is my way to relax and have a creative way to express myself. My husband, dog Sadie Mae, and I live in the country outside of Abilene in the small community of Tuscola. I love dogs and all our wildlife on our little mountain. I just turned sixty and cannot wait to see what will come from my brush next!

“Mermaid Garden,” by Kim Jackson
“Lisanthus,” by Kim Jackson
“Bluebonnets,” Under Dead Tree by Kim Jackson

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