Magic Beans, Mental Health, and Art…

For those of you like me, you need to have a creative outlet in order to feel like you have accomplished something. If you are like me, you are always imagining the “what if’s” in a situation, conjuring alternative scenarios for contemplation, conceiving innovative ideas on how to improve something, or wondering how to provide a solution to a problem you have discovered. Having anything to do with this process always reminds me that there is something bigger than me. 

If you are like me, you are always creating and cherish the ability to do so.

What if I told you that the trait within you and I that I am speaking of is actually a gift within you that is supposed to not only benefit yourself, but everyone around you as well? Maybe it is something you have been aware of since you were a child or maybe it is something that has just emerged? Perhaps it is still there waiting to come to light? 

What if I told you that in some academic realms, creativity is considered the highest form of critical thinking? 

If you ask me, I think all of what I just mentioned is pretty cool to consider. What I also think is a novelty is the fact that creative expression is a form of therapy to quite a few individuals. 

So is beholding the creation of another. I am always astounded as to how I can tour an art gallery and everything within me goes quiet. My thoughts stop racing, time stops, my heart slows down, and I am there, in the moment, appreciating everything around me. It completely makes my day if not my entire week. 

I guess what I am getting at is someone can create, aka utilize a gift that they were blessed with, along with benefiting themselves because they are utilizing it, then the thing in which was created is used to bless others. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. 

Creating doesn’t have to begin or end with canvases and paint either.  It’s simple. Creativity=making something. 

Authors do it. Painters do it. Bakers do it (don’t get me started on cinnamon rolls or gooey brownies right out of the oven) Teachers do it. Farmers do it. Business people do it. Welders do it. 

Everyone does it to some extent. 

Add in how our lives have dramatically changed since 2020 and I am willing to bet that the creative gift we all possess has not only amplified, it is needed more than ever. Both for the artist and those appreciating the artistic expression. 

That is why I created The Chaos Trading Company located at 166 N Texas St, in DeLeon, Texas. 

This is usually the part where I need to promote my business to boost sales, etc…at least that is what my professors taught me in college…… However, I am not going to. That honestly is not my intention. 

My intention is to create a place where creative outlets can be utilized and artistic expressions are showcased and celebrated. Where the extraordinary can exist and where craftsmanship can be appreciated. Who knows, maybe you find what makes time stop for you too?

What I do want to mention is we carry items that are locally sourced, artisan inspired, repurposed, hand crafted, and hand made. They have a story behind them. You will not find mass produced replicas here that everyone else has. Nor will you find things that are just thrown together on some assembly line for the sake of meeting a quota to fill. 

Now, being able to make something like this accessible to you is my intention. 

I invite you to come see what is available for yourself. You don’t have to buy anything. Just come say hello and look around. Feel free to marvel at something that is not sold in bulk over the internet. Come see the latest art exhibit we have on display (there is one each month.) See if anything does inspire you. If it does, all the better. I hope your day is better for it. Then once you are done, make sure to go across the street and visit our local museum and view the Vivian Price painting display as well. 

Lillian Cogburn Price wanted her daughter and grandchildren to know about her childhood in 1906 to 1913 in rural Texas. So, she started painting her recollections and wrote short stories about each painting. Now the paintings are displayed at the museum to let others know what life was like a hundred years ago in the area. 

I love it!

For all of you art enthusiasts reading this, there is also a bonus included in the visit for anyone that likes to view murals on sides of the walls in downtown areas. The building we are located in has what is known to De Leon as “The Wall Of Recall,” and was created in the 1980’s by two friends. 

It is a unique representation of the town itself and has been recognized by numerous organizations as a must see for travelers. It also makes a really cool backdrop for a photo op. 

So, if I have finally talked you into a visit, our hours of operation are Thurs, 10-5, and 10-6 Fri and Sat. The Historical Museum across the street is also open 9-4 Wed- Sat.

You can also visit our facebook page at:

Make sure to follow it to keep up with the latest updates because we will have alot going on, from animal adoptathons to art exhibits and I plan on keeping it that way. 

Who knows….we may even have magic beans and alpacas for sell or barter at some point. Anything is possible.

See you when you get here 😉

Sarah Childers

PS- If you are reading this and you hand make items and want in on what we are doing, please feel free to send an email at

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